I have been going to Invisible Hair for seven years. I love my hair piece. It has
really made me feel much better about my physical appearance. I feel very lucky
to have found Invisible Hair. I will never go back to letting my scalp show. If
you have thin hair, I would strongly encourage you to visit Invisible Hair,
their product and service is excellent.



This is a great place if you have thin or little to no hair. They have a wide
selection of pieces that will go on naturally, as is it was your own hair. The
staff is very friendly and helpful. I have been going to Invisible Hair for
almost 5 years now and they have helped to build my self-confidence and feel
beautiful. I highly recommend them.



Invisible Hair gave me back my confidence and my inner peace. I lost most of my hair
after my daughter was born while I was going through a horrible divorce. I
tried cortisone shots, vitamins, and Rogaine (for men). Nothing I tried gave me
my hair back. I began to become depressed and self-loathing. I felt ugly. Every
time I watched a hair fall of my head, my stomach dropped. When I found
Invisible Hair on line, I became excited. Dawn’s promise of providing real
looking hair that could be attached to my head was not misleading. I’ve been
going to Invisible Hair for over 5 years now. I now have a full head of hair
that looks natural and real. It is attached to my head so it feels as if it is
my own hair. I can swim and shower with it. My confidence returned. Her hair
grafts and extensions are amazing. All of the hair pieces are of high quality
and worth the price. Dawn also stands by her products. Recently I bought a hair
extension piece that was glued to the back of my head. It didn’t stay well and
the piece did not withstand washing in the shower. Dawn replaced the entire
piece for free as it was a defective piece. Her staff is kind and
understanding. There is no attitude in her shop. Having a bald head is
embarrassing. Dawn and her staff go out of their way to make you feel
comfortable and to make sure you get the piece and the products that you need.
Her prices are very fair. I highly recommend Invisible Hair to anyone who has
thin or no hair. There is no other place in Southern California that provides
high quality hair at a reasonable price in a comfortable atmosphere.



As a client for over five years, I can honestly say this is a truly unique and
wonderful hair salon. The owner and her staff are highly talented professionals
and can truly transform thinning, problematic hair to fabulous healthy hair.
Hair restoration through natural integration hair pieces, extensions and wigs
provide that extra support to people with specific needs. The appointments are
private, and the salon is relaxing and picturesque. I cannot give this salon
enough stars. Men and women looking to enhance their appearance should call for
a consultation today, it will be the best call you can make.



If, like me, you’ve had baby-fine, thin, lifeless hair your entire life, you know
the endless frustration of taking a photo of a hairstyle to your hairdresser
only to end up with a ‘do that looks nothing like the picture. Imagine my
surprise when I took a photo of a half-up do (bangs and straight sides with a
ponytail in the back) to Dawn at Invisible Hair and left with that EXACT LOOK!
Incredible! It’s a sensation I’ve never had before, a heavy ponytail bobbing in
the wind. Makes me feel so YOUNG!



I must admit I was initially hesitant to pick up the phone and call for an
appointment. I’ve had hair extensions, wig- lets, clip-ons, and many other
“flavor-of-the-day” hair enhancers, all of which quickly ended up in
the trash. But Dawn’s pieces and her attention to detail finally provided me
with a solution that I will be wearing for a long time. And the price was HALF
what I paid for inferior products at an Orange County salon.
Thanks, Dawn. You have a customer for life.



This place has saved me! They have become like a second family to me. These are the
people that know the truth and are there to help! My hair began to thin 8 years
ago – every day was a “bad hair” day. I spent thousands of dollars
trying every remedy in the book from specialty shampoos, Rogaine, pills,
hormone supplements and even injections – nothing worked. But then I found
them! They have created a custom fitted hair replacement for me that I wear every
day. I exercise everyday including running, zumba, yoga — all of which results
in lots of sweating and showering everyday but the hair piece wears just like
your own organic hair. Not one person has ever guessed that my beautiful head
of hair is not my own. Do not hesitate – Go here!



Excellent service and in a professional environment, but yet they make me feel special! They
never make me wait and they always treat me like I am there best customer! I
recommend Invisible Hair to anyone who wants to feel important by all the staff
and the beautiful location makes me feel much more comfortable than an assembly
line salon.



I have always had thin hair and after radiation treatment and medications my hair
starting thinning on top even more. I have also worn various hair extension
products for over 20 years and know what quality is and what is not. I’m so
glad I found Dawn. She offers a large variety of hair pieces to choose from.
More than all the other wig shops and online hair products I’ve looked at. She
spends a great deal of time with you and carefully selects what will look the
very best and most natural on you. No one knows I wear a hair piece and have
hair extensions unless I tell them. The hair is real, looks like it’s mine,
including the scalp. Dawn also perfectly matches my dimensional hair colors by
customizing the hair piece. You really don’t need to go anywhere else for hair
other than Invisible Hair (perfectly named by the way). I highly recommend Dawn
and Invisible Hair!



These people are awesome. They are so professional and knowledgeable, and yet, so
warm and able to explain procedures in a way that you understand and want to
follow. I do not often write reviews, but this shop is exceptional in
everything that it does.



I have been coming to Invisible Hair since 2003. I have never been able to grow
my hair very long. Dawn and the staff at Invisible Hair have not only given me
what I had always wanted, they have always treated me as a friend. I could not
be more pleased!




Dawn at Invisible hair is the most knowledgeable skilled woman I’ve ever encountered
in this trade. She gave me the most gorgeous hair extensions! They look so
real. No one even knew I had them, they just commented how great my hair looked
or just that I looked great and didn’t even notice it was the hair! I wanted my
hair longer, so Dawn not only gave me beautiful longer hair instantly, but she
took the time to train me in proper hair care. After the care/techniques she
showed me, I’m certain that before meeting her, I was the one causing my hair
to break and never get longer from my method of care. After only 4 weeks of
having the extensions, my own hair is full, healthy and no longer breaking. I’m
so excited. I would highly recommend Dawn and Invisible hair co. She is
top-notch in her field. 2 thumbs up and 5 stars…really. I love my long hair.
Oh…and a month later, none are falling out, all good and secure and
comfortable! Yea.

Ashli H, vista, CA 39 years old

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