We offer a wide range of hair additions for women at affordable prices. Our hair addition services range from professional coloring and conditioning to hair grafting and replacement, among others.

Invisible Hair Grafting- $10 per perimeter inch

One of the most innovative hair additions available, hair grafting is a remarkable solution to restore your hair’s natural-looking beauty and radiance.

Professional Hair Color-Matching hair-cutting supplies

Our hair additions for women in Sand Diego include professional color-matching services to ensure your hair will be colored evenly in your favorite hue.

hair cutting supplies

  • Test formulas — $60 Includes up to 3 test formulations to determine an exact color match, prior to actual color services being done. (Processed on small groups of hair strands)
  • Foil weaved low lights or highlights — $80 per service
  • Darkening of roots — $80 per service
  • All-over color change — $80 per service

5 Step Deep Conditioning Treatment

Besides hair additions for women, we also offer highly effective conditioning treatments to restore your hair’s natural health.

conditioning treatment

  • Conditioning treatment
  • Pre-oil-treatment with a soft boar bristle brush “100 strokes”
  • Our best moisture masque heated within a cap
  • Our deep-penetrating reconstructive treatment blend
  • Leave-in 100% pure protein detangling treatment
  • Argan oil thermal protection spray leave-in treatment — $80 per hour

Expert Cutting Technique — Achieving an “Invisible Blend “expert cutting techniquesexpert cutting techniques

  • A combination of thinning, texturizing, razor cutting, and precision cutting — $80 per hour

Professional Thermal Hair Styling curling ironcurling ironcurling iron

  • Any combination of: flat iron, hot air round brushing, curling iron, or hot rollers — $80 per hour

With hair addition services, you can enjoy having truly beautiful hair. Whether you decide to curl the hair, undergo a deep conditioning treatment, or color your hair, you can have a truly personalized and individual look with hair additions in Sand Diego.

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