Human Hair Types

Remi Cuticle Hair

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Remy hair extensions also known as cuticle hair, virgin hair, and cut hair has a smooth and healthy appearance. It is more expensive than other grades of human hair because of its quality. Remy hair can be virgin, or processed for color or texture. When washed, it will not mat and tangle. The hair is harvested or cut from the head of a donor with the cuticles intact (not stripped). The hair is aligned from root to tip, all in the same direction as on a natural head of hair. Because the cuticles flow in the same direction, it does not tangle or mat and the hair remains stronger. The result is a smooth, glossy and natural look. Cuticle hair wigs have a longer life than regular human hair wigs.

Cuticle hair can be found in many parts of the world. The most popular type is Indian Remy hair. Remy hair can also come from South America, East Asia and Europe. All of these cultures have a similar texture of thick, straight hair. It’s texture and color can be easily matched to the majority of ethnic groups in the world.

European Hair

Premium Russian Virgin Hair

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100% Russian Virgin, silky premium grade hair hand selected from Ukraine. This quality of hair is traditionally kept for film productions and is only now available commercially. Russian Virgin Hair is naturally straight to slight wave. This is the best hair there is. It is from European countries. It is cut directly off the head and hand tied. The hair is root and point, meaning that the cuticle is all running in the same direction. We offer processed (dyed) European hair as well as virgin hair. You can dye, perm or otherwise process this hair according to your needs. Although it seems more expensive in the short run, it can be used over and over again. A luxury that brings you the joy of wearing the best.

European Hair

Cut directly off the head of a Caucasian person who originated from European countries. It has not been colored, permed, or abused by heat. It still has all the cuticle intact. It has the silkiest feel and shiniest appearance.

Indian Hair

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Medium textured hair gathered from India. The natural brownish-black hair color is lightened to match manufactures color ring. All of the cuticle has been removed. It is available in a variety of colors, lengths, and wave patterns. It is permed with pressure not chemicals. Best used for medium to dark colors.

Italian Hair

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Medium to fine textured hair. It is gathered from Italy. The naturally medium to dark brown color is altered slightly to match the manufacturer’s color ring, then all of the cuticle layers are removed. It is available in a limited variety of colors, and lengths, and wave patterns.

Best used for medium to dark colors. Ample supply – priced well. It is permed with pressure not chemicals. Best used for medium to dark colors.

Human Hair Types

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