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Women’s Hair Loss — The Causes

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At Invisible Hair, we offer a unique type of hair restoration in San Diego to women who have lost some or all of their hair for any of the common reasons. Traditional forms of hair replacement do not provide the natural appearance and feel of real hair like the Invisible Hair solutions that we have available. There are numerous causes that lead clients to us for hair restoration in San Diego, including:

Alopecia Areata: Autoimmune disease where the body’s own immune system attacks the hair follicles. “In a clinical setting, I tell patients with autoimmune disease not to eat large amounts of food or supplements that have even mild immunity-enhancing properties, such as Echinacea. Stimulating the immune system in these patients only enhances its ability to attack the body.” Tony Longo, R.D., clinical dietitian and nutritionist for the Providence Hospital system, Portland, Oregon. Sadly, there are no known medical solutions for this condition.

Systemic or local disease: Have a hormone panel taken; see a dermatologist and an endocrinologist. Get as many tests as possible and find out exactly what’s going on.

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Trichotillamania: Self-inflicted excessive plucking of the eyebrows, eyelashes and hair, stress being the biggest contributing cause. No cure; therapy, Paxil, life coaching, acupuncture, and grafted non–surgical hair systems are common treatments.

Physical trauma: Chemical, thermal, electrical burns, or an auto accident.

Medical or surgical treatments: Chemotherapy, radiation, removal of brain tumors.

Congenital hair loss: Female heredity hair loss — it’s usually permanent, influenced by levels of sex hormones.


Solutions for Women’s Hair Loss with Hair Restoration San Diego

Top-of-Head Human Hair Additions

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  • Great option to add more layers without committing to a hair cut
  • Stock systems available in a variety of colors and thicknesses
  • Unbelievably natural base materials
  • French Drawn/ Invisible Part
  • Great for women who are beginning to notice hair loss, Trichotillamania, or for fine-haired clients who want a little more volume
  • The perfect blend is created when we incorporate your existing natural, growing hair and the piece
  • Extremely natural in appearance
  • Available in very small sizes for minimal coverage, such as crown, top, bangs, or temple areas
  • Can create the look of healthy, shiny, longer layers (in many cases the hair is in better condition than your own growing hair)
  • You can wear your hair in a ponytail, or in an up do, and only your hairline will be exposed
  • Cool on your head, because you are not covering your entire head, and because of the breathability of the base material
  • Tops can be combined with our non-damaging methods of hair extensions to achieve greater lengths and thicknesses

Half Heads

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  • More coverage than a top piece
  • Provides a thicker, fuller amount of hair; a half head can give the appearance of a full head of hair, without having to wear a full wig
  • Both the piece and your hair will combine beautifully, to create an overall seamless look
  • Hair can be styled up or down, also in a stylish up do, and only your natural hairline will be exposed
  • For clients suffering from noticeable hair loss in the top, crown and front, but who still have an average amount of hair over the ears and at the nape
  • Can restore ample amount of volume to your hair style

Hair Integration/Pull Through

  • Your own hair can be drawn through openings in the cap (allowing you the benefit of utilizing your existing hair)
  • Great for a client looking for height or volume
  • The overall look is a blend of your hair and the piece; there is no way to visually separate the two
  • Variety in designs provide different coverage solutions
  • Perfect for someone who has plenty of hair to integrate
  • Great for a set and style look and a no-part style
  • Dimensional color can easily be achieved without harmful chemicals, this is done by choosing a pull-through that is slightly lighter or darker than your hair
  • Drawing your hair through the openings adds to the security when wearing a removable pull through

Invisible Hair Integration US patent # 6688315

Q: What is it?

The Invisible Hair Integration is a three-quarter, all-skin, and stretchable cap, with elongated openings that are very easy for you to draw hair through. Every design features an “Invisible” lace-front hairline that allows you to brush your hair straight back, and utilize the naturalness a lace front will provide. It can be attached smoothly and comfortably by “grafting,” which allows the wearer 5-8 weeks of secure continuous wear. It may also be worn and removed daily by attaching comb clips to the perimeter.

Q: Who is it for?

  • Women who do not want to remove their hair to sleep, shower or exercise
  • Women experiencing 50%-75% hair loss
  • Perfect for Hair Extension clients that need additional coverage on the top of the head
  • Top of the head clients that need more coverage in the temples, sides and back
  • Wig wearers who want hair permanently attached
  • Chemotherapy patients in the beginning stages of hair re-growth
  • Alopecia areata, universalis, or totalis, who need guaranteed security
  • Radiation, surgery, burn, or Lupus Patients
  • Active Children experiencing hair loss
  • Women who suffer with Trichotillamania
  • Women who need corrective color without damage to their own hair
  • Women who have very short or blunt-cut, thick hair who want to add length, overall

Q: How long will it Last?

One Invisible Hair Integration can be worn for 4-5 consecutive attachments, lasting approximately 5-8 months. It is highly recommended that you purchases 2 integrations and alternate wearing them throughout a one year period.

Invisible Integration … “Not seeing is believing”

  • Individuals can draw their own existing hair through “user friendly“ openings

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  • Foundation material is thin and translucent; with a skin toned “Skin Replica.”
  • Virtually undetectable attachment site.
  • It eliminates the limitations presented by traditional attachment methods.
  • Our hair is implanted into our skin replica, one hair at a time, duplicating growing hair
  • Hair pivots 360° for the most variations and styling options.
  • Individual’s own hair will continue to grow underneath, undamaged
  • Non-surgical hair graft attachment lasts 5-8 weeks.
  • Can be removed and reattached in 2-3 hours.
  • Your choice of any of the best hair available on today’s market
  • Easy to Alter
  • Lace-Front Hairline (Temple to temple) — Can brush hair straight back, or wear a part, without worry of cap material showing
  • Stretchable — Eliminating the need for elastic, Velcro or hooks
  • Graftable — Airtight/Watertight seal is created allowing secure attachment
  • Smooth against skin — No seams, no bumps, no clips, no elastic, no Velcro, no hooks, no stays
  • Beautiful Color Gradient Blends — A blend of 3-6 colors will create the highlight/lowlight pattern that you are looking for! This reduces custom coloring time … saving you money!

Invisible Hair Web

Q: What is it?

The Invisible Hair Web is an ultra-lightweight half head hair integration/pull through, offering you breathability, coverage, and the most natural appearance. It is designed to provide you with beautiful volume and lift when you incorporate your own natural hair by drawing it through the openings. The Invisible Hair Web can also be grafted, or worn and removed daily.

Q: How long will it last?

One Invisible Hair Web can be worn for 3-4 consecutive attachments, each lasting approximately 5-8 weeks at a time. It is highly recommended that you purchase 2 systems and alternate wearing them throughout a one year period.

Q: Who is it for?

  • For women with baby fine hair, or who are beginning to thin on the top of their head
  • Ideal for women who need natural-looking hair replacement, and who prefer a natural amount of hair
  • The Invisible Hair Web can easily be cut or permed to accentuate the natural height and volume
  • Works well for short to medium hair lengths.

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