Benefits of Removable Hair Additions

woman removable hair additionsThis is perfect for clients who prefer to take their hair systems “on and off” themselves at will. Clients may elect to have a “wardrobe” of hair systems that they interchange throughout the month. Or, perhaps their hair is too thick for grafting and/or they are looking for a purely cosmetic solution and want the occasional look of “celebrity” hair.

Removable Hair Additions include:

woman hair additions

  • Top-of-Head
  • Human Hair Wigs
  • Hair Integration Pieces
  • Women of Color Hair Pieces
  • Men’s Hair Systems (Top – of – Head) (Full Wigs)
  • Wefts
  • Falls
  • Clip-On Extensions & Pony Tails

Discover how our Removable Additions will benefit you…

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  • Removable hair systems last longer than attached hair additions
  • Offers you the ability to wear your hair on an as needed basis.
  • You may enjoy a wardrobe of hair styles.
  • The ability to switch between two or more hair systems at a time.
  • You would remove your hair at night, and when exercising, swimming and showering.
  • Available in a variety of color and styles, human hair or synthetic.

How Are They Attached?

  • Hairpieces are typically attached with “clip-combs “, a snapping barrette equipped with small comb like fingers that offer a secure daily attachment.
  • Wigs are generally held on by elastic and adjustable hooks.
  • New attachments are now available: A one sided Velcro specifically designed to attach to hair, and a daily use tape.

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