Benefits of Non-Surgically Grafted Hair Additions

woman with hair additionsStart living the life you were meant to live – with the hair you once had or desired….free from any embarrassment and with the self -confidence that you deserve. If you want real results, try the Invisible Hair™ difference. They have 2 US patents offering the most advanced, safe, and non-damaging, secure, and undetectable method of attachment (US Patent number’s #6561197, and #6688315). Invisible Hair Grafting is the First and only hair addition method ever doctor recommended for Baby Fine Hair and/or Hair Loss. We have been enhancing the quality of life and helping women with thinning hair for over 20 years.

woman hair lossOur Collection of Invisible Hair Loss Solutions have achieved something that no other studio can claim: it has revolutionized women’s hair replacement; giving women back their dignity and confidence. We offer “the winning combination” of the absolute best quality hair on the planet, custom made hair alternatives, and the safest most comfortable and undetectable attachment method developed especially for women by a woman. Our female hair loss solutions provide the most advanced safe and non-damaging methods of application, which involves no hair removal, heat, sewing, braiding, bumps, seams, clips, hooks, velcro, resin beads, or metal tubes.

Unlike Surgical transplants and chemical ointments hair grafting guarantees a cosmetically significant increase in hair thickness. Invisible Hair bridges the gap between hair extensions and typical wigs. They specialize in the needs of clients who are just beginning to thin as well as women experiencing noticeable hair loss.

Discover why our one of a kind attachment will benefit you…

  • Grafted Invisible Hair™ Additions eliminate the limitations presented by traditional attachment methods.
  • 100% REMI CUTICLE HUMAN HAIR: the best hair available from any manufacturer. Same direction root to end with the cuticle layer intact, resulting in the most luxurious, tangle-free hair available to the global market.
  • Grafted Invisible Hair™ Additions allow for a very hygienic, precise, damage free, secure, comfortable and virtually undetectable attachment site.
  • Grafted Invisible Hair™ does not rely on attaching “Hair to Hair”; instead we attach “Skin to Skin”. Regardless of the extent of your hair loss, Invisible Hair grafting will enable you to receive a solution that does not require you to remove any of your existing hair.
  • Grafted Invisible Hair™ can be attached to bare scalp or on top of your hair where it is left to grow unharmed while attached.
  • Hair Grafting is non-surgically and semi-permanently attached to the scalp for a period of 5-8 weeks using medically approved Hair Grafting Adhesive.
  • We can attach our “Growing Hair Replica” anywhere on the head.woman hair addition
  • Non-surgically grafted hair systems, allow the client to wear their new hair 24/7. You wear it when you go to bed; you have it on when you wake up. You would shower and style your hair addition as if it were your own.
  • UNDETECTABLE: To the touch or eye the Invisible Hair Additions are undetectable. Even if someone were to run their fingers through their hair, it is unlikely that they would really feel or see the Addition
  • 360 PIVOTABILITY/ FREE STYLE HAIR DIRECTION: Hair flows freely in any direction. Can be parted or brushed from side to side. Hair pivots 360 degrees for the most natural looking hair while maintaining ease and variety of styling capabilities.
  • Invisible Hair Grafting: An air tight, water tight seal is created allowing 5-8 weeks of secure attachment. “Skin” base is adhered directly to client’s scalp. Hair will continue to grow out undamaged
  • SMOOTH/SEAMLESS: NO seams, no bumps, no clips, no Velcro, no hooks, no stays, no braids, no knots, no wax or resin beads, no metal tubes, and no soreness. Product lays completely flat making it very comfortable to wear and sleep while it is grafted
  • DOES NOT GROW OUT: Invisible Hair Grafting is actually grafted to client’s scalp by the use of an FDA approved medical grade adhesive. On clients with fine hair the hair continues to grow while the grafted hair addition remains securely attached to the scalp. Clients with thicker hair may experience some actual grow out
  • NO CUTTING OR SHAVING REQUIRED: We do NOT have to cut any of our client’s natural hair, Invisible Hair Additions are designed to be grafted directly on the scalp while maintaining clients existing hair
  • CAN BE GRAFTED ONTO BARE SCALP: The skin replica can be grafted onto bare scalp to help customers experiencing conditions such as: alopecia areata, scarring, radiation, burn, trichotillimania. New advanced grafting technologies allow the skin based hair addition to be grafted directly onto balding areas surround by growing hair.
  • THE LOOK OF HUMAN HAIR GROWING FROM THE SCALP: The “V” Looping technique of attaching one single strand of hair at a time to a man made skin replica gives the most convincing and natural appearance
  • CAN BE RE-USED: Client will be able to wear their Invisible Hair Addition for multiple consecutive attachments
  • Full head of hair restored in less than 3 hours
  • Can be colored and permed and thermal styled

woman sittingQ: How is it done? (watch video) “Invisible Hairs’ Secret Revealed

Hair grafting employs a skin like membrane that is non surgically grafted to your scalp’s own layers of skin

woman hair questionQ: How long will Grafted Hair Additions Stay Attached?

Invisible Hair Additions can be worn attached to your scalp for 5-8 weeks at a time.

woman hair question 2Q: Why should I do it? (watch video) “Our Patened Hair Grafting”

Because unlike chemicals or surgery, hair grafting guarantees a cosmetically significant increase in hair density.

woman hair question Q: Who is it for?

The person interested in a hair loss solution but unsatisfied with surgery or conventional removable hair additions.

Benefits of Hair Grafting

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