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Invisible Hair has the best female hair loss solutions available on the marketplace today. All of our hair loss treatments for women begin with premium hair and high quality base fabrication. Each system will contain unique features, and your Qualified Hair Replacement Specialist will educate you on how these features will benefit your needs directly, including invisible lace front hairlines, and 100% Premium Quality Natural Human Hair (Russian Hair, European Hair, and Remi Cuticle Hair). With the combination of our large inventory, and our specialist’s incomparable color matching expertise, we guarantee that we can match almost any texture, color, and length of hair.

woman with dignityHair loss does not have to be a part of your reality. Women experiencing hair loss often feel as though they have to hide away from the life they were meant to live — or used to live — for fear of what others may think. With Invisible Hair Studios’ hair loss treatment for women in San Diego, you can get out there and live confidently, knowing that the only thing people notice about your hair is how lustrous it is. Live the life you’ve been hiding from. We are in the business of giving women back their dignity and confidence, even those suffering from female hair loss solutions.

Proceed with confidence knowing you will have the best human hair available …

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  • INVISIBLE THIN SKIN: Skin-toned polyurethane blends in well with most skin tones, does not appear too white, and can be easily tinted to match all skin tones, the first step in our hair loss solutions for women.
  • CONTOURED: Polyurethane skin base contours easily, ensuring a perfect fit to the curvature of the head.
  • EASILY CUSTOMIZED: Polyurethane skin base can easily be altered for a custom size, or shaped to suit customers’ individual needs.
  • SMOOTH/SEAMLESS: NO seams, no bumps, no clips, no Velcro, no hooks, no stays, no braids, no knots, no wax or resin beads, no metal tubes, and no soreness. Product lies completely flat, making it very comfortable to wear and sleep while it is grafted.
  • THE LOOK OF HUMAN HAIR GROWING FROM THE SCALP: The “V” Looping technique of attaching one single strand of hair at a time to a man-made skin replica gives the most convincing and natural appearance, making this the ideal hair loss solution for women.
  • 360 PIVOT ABILITY / FREE STYLE HAIR DIRECTION: Hair flows freely in any direction. Can be parted or brushed from side to side. Hair pivots 360 degrees for the most natural looking hair, while maintaining ease and variety of styling capabilities.
  • COLOR GRADIENT HAIR BLENDS: Each Invisible Hair Addition has between 2-6 separate colors, blended in either a tone-on-tone or subtle highlight combination.
  • ADD VOLUME: Invisible Hair Additions are designed to add volume and or length. Each Addition is designed for a specific purpose, whether it is to add volume on the top, back, sides, crown or the bangs area.
  • CAN BE RE-USED: Client will be able to re-use the Invisible Hair Addition.
  • ETHNIC TEXTURES: We provide 3 beautiful textures: Yaki straight, “S” wave, and ringlet curl, in 4 different colors.

Naturalness is important to you; let our additions speak for themselves …

natural womanOur Growing Hair Replica is a thin layer of specially blended co-polymers that are fused together utilizing unique proprietary compounds. The end result is a thin, translucent, flexible, natural “second skin-like” surface. Our High Quality Human Hair is then knotted or implanted into the skin layer, one hair at a time, for the most natural appearance possible, and the benefit of 100% pivotability from each strand of hair. This hair loss solution for women in San Diego can change your life, allowing you to live in a positive manner with the confidence you’ve always wanted to have. The visual on the right is that of real scalp with live hair growth. The result is truly a Growing Hair Replica: hair growth


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