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How long has it been since your hair made heads turn?

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Our Exclusive Invisible Hair Extension – US patent # 6561197

“Our exclusive hair extensions in San Diego are not an extension that grows out with your hair; it’s not a removable hairpiece or wig; and it’s not a surgical transplant. Invisible Hair bridges the gap between hair extensions and typical wigs, tapping into the ‘beginning to thin’ market, as well as the ever-growing 30% of all women experiencing hair loss. Our new, nonsurgical hair graft technology (skin-to-skin grafting, anywhere on the head), attaches our ‘Growing Hair Replicas’– our highest quality human hair is injected one hair at a time into our man-made skin replica, for the most natural appearance possible. The visual is that of a real scalp with live hair growth.”

- Dawn Harrison, inventor of Invisible Hair Additions, Invisible Hair


Q: Do they really work? Why are they unique and different?


Invisible Hair Extensions … “Not seeing is believing”

These are some of the reasons Invisible Hair extensions are the best hair extensions San Diego women will find:                    Serenity_830_Alternate

  • The First and Only Permanent Hair Extensions Specifically Invented for Baby-Fine Hair
  • Doctor recommended for Baby-Fine Hair and/or Hair Loss
  • Can be attached to bare scalp
  • Can cover facelift scars or scarring due to surgery, injury or burns
  • Can be attached anywhere on the head — even front, top, crown, unlike traditional extensions
  • Virtually undetectable attachment site
  • Does not rely on attaching hair-to-hair; instead we attach skin-to-skin
  • Hair extension can be parted or brushed in any direction
  • Hair extension can be used for an average of 3-4 consecutive attachments

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