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Woman with hair extensionsPermanent hair extensions from our San Diego salon provide a discreet way to add extra length and fullness to your own hair. Best used for the back and sides of the head where they can be concealed under your own hair. We specialize in a variety of methods for applying permanent hair extensions, allowing us to hand-select the appropriate method for every client. Not seeing it is believing it with our exclusive method that remains undetectable, regardless of the placement. We custom design a placement pattern for your extensions, to achieve the look you desire. Our extensions are available in strand by strand semi-permanent attachment methods, or removable. Be creative!! You may decide to mix different colors together on the same head for a great highlight/lowlight effect, without having to color or damage your existing hair!

How long has it been since your hair made heads turn?

remy hair extensionsCustom Strand Bonding: We customize the EXACT color, length, and curl pattern of hair to create the best hair extensions for you, blending a variety of handpicked hair strands to create your exact shade of highlights and lowlights.blond hair extensions

Pre Tipped Strand Extensions: Strand bonded extensions with resin pre tipped by our manufacturer (ready to apply).

Monofibre Strand Bonding:A process of using Synthetic hair strands applied and sealed to your own hair. This method can be customized to your exact shade of highlight and lowlight. Great curl last-ability.

Weft Bonding: Handmade or machine made wefts of human hair attached in a long, thin strips across your hair and scalp.

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Our Exclusive Invisible Hair Extension – US patent # 6561197

exclusive hair extension“Our exclusive hair extensions in San Diego are not an extension that grows out with your hair; it’s not a removable hairpiece or wig; and it’s not a surgical transplant. Invisible Hair bridges the gap between hair extensions and typical wigs, tapping into the ‘beginning to thin’ market, as well as the ever-growing 30% of all women experiencing hair loss. Our new, nonsurgical hair graft technology (skin-to-skin grafting, anywhere on the head), attaches our ‘Growing Hair Replicas’– our highest quality human hair is injected one hair at a time into our man-made skin replica, for the most natural appearance possible. The visual is that of a real scalp with live hair growth.”

- Dawn Harrison, inventor of Invisible Hair Additions, Invisible Hair


Q: Do they really work? Why are they unique and different?

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Invisible Hair Extensions … “Not seeing is believing”

These are some of the reasons Invisible Hair extensions are the best hair extensions San Diego women will find:

  • The First and Only Permanent Hair Extensions Specifically Invented for Baby-Fine Hair
  • Doctor recommended for Baby-Fine Hair and/or Hair Loss
  • Can be attached to bare scalp
  • Can cover facelift scars or scarring due to surgery, injury or burns
  • Can be attached anywhere on the head — even front, top, crown, unlike traditional extensions
  • Virtually undetectable attachment site
  • Does not rely on attaching hair-to-hair; instead we attach skin-to-skin
  • Hair extension can be parted or brushed in any direction
  • Hair extension can be used for an average of 3-4 consecutive attachments

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