Gorgeous Human Hair Wigs in San Diego

Post Date: January 22nd, 2014



Discover why our patented Hair Grafting attachment Will benefit you

Q: Who is it for?

A Woman interested in a hair loss solution that remains attached 24/7 and guarantees a cosmetically significant increase in hair density. She is unsatisfied with removable hair additions, surgery, topical ointments, or laser light therapy.


Q: How is it done?

Hair grafting employs a skin like membrane that is non-surgically grafted to your scalp’s own layers of skin


Q: How long will Grafted Hair Additions Stay Attached?

Invisible Hair Additions can be worn attached to your scalp for 5-8 weeks at a time.


  • Non-surgically grafted hair systems: Allow you to wear your new hair 24/7. You wear it when you go to bed; you have it on when you wake up. You would shower and style your hair addition as if it were your own.
  • No Shaving required: We do NOT have to cut any of your natural hair, Grafted Hair Additions are designed to be attached directly on the scalp while maintaining clients existing hair.  Natural hair that is present does not hinder the attachment.
  • Undetectable to the touch or eye the Invisible Hair Additions are virtually undetectable. Even if someone were to run their fingers through their hair, it is unlikely that they would really feel or see the Addition or attachment site
  • Smooth/Seamless no seams, bumps, clips, Velcro, hooks, stays, braids,  knots,  wax or resin beads,  metal tubes, or soreness. Product lays completely flat making it very comfortable to wear and sleep while it is grafted
  • The look of growing hair: The Technique of attaching one single strand of hair at a time to a man-made skin replica gives the most convincing and natural appearance
  • Can be Grafted onto bare scalp: The skin replica can be grafted onto bare scalp to help customers experiencing conditions such as: alopecia areata, scarring, radiation, burn, trichotillamania. New advanced grafting technologies allow the skin based hair addition to be grafted directly onto balding areas surround by growing hair.
  • Can be re-used: You will be able to wear your grafted Hair Addition for multiple consecutive attachments.
  • Short Salon visits: Full head of hair restored in less than 3 hours.
  • 100% Human Hair: The most luxurious, tangle-free hair superior quality, luster, full body and exceptional long life.
  • 360º Pivotability: Hair flows freely in any direction. Can be parted or brushed from side to side. Hair pivots 360 degrees for the most natural looking hair and variety of styling capabilities.
  • Secure/Non Damaging: An air tight, water tight seal is created allowing 5-8 weeks of secure attachment. “Skin” base is adhered directly to client’s scalp. Hair will continue to grow out undamaged, in a resting position
  • Hair Grafting / Non-surgical: Semi-permanently attached to your skin using medically approved Hair Grafting Adhesive.
  • Skin to Skin: Grafted Invisible Hair Additions eliminate the limitations presented by traditional attachment methods.  You can have baby fine hair and/ or hair loss. Does not rely on attaching “Hair to Hair”; instead we attach “Skin to Skin”. Regardless of the extent of your hair loss.
  • Anywhere on the head: We can attach our “Growing Hair Replica” anywhere on the head.
  • Dimensional Color Combinations: Available in flattering personalized combinations.

Dawn Harrison, owner of Invisible Hair Pieces, Extensions, and Human hair wigs.

Dawn has earned two U.S. Patents for inventing the “Invisible Hair Grafting”, which is a non-surgical method of attaching human hair pieces to women’s hair and skin.

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