Flatter Your Face Shape- Square

Post Date: March 26th, 2014







Square faces have a strong shape and nice bone structure! Your browbone, cheekbones and jaw tend to have equal width, so adding softness through cut and color can downplay harsh angles and create a flattering look.

Go for  both highlights and lowlights! Ask your Invisible Hair consultant to keep color deeper at the temples and place highlights at the cheekbones to add softness.


Keep your hair below your jaw or longer. Haircuts that stop at the jawline can make your face appear more squared-off.

Stay away from cuts with strong lines, such as blunt bangs or a bob—they’re just too angular. Instead, go for side-swept bangs, face-framing layers and romantic waves.

Choose scalloped collars, round or scoop necks, and deep V-necks. All of these necklines add softness to square faces.

Earrings with rounded shapes also help to soften angular faces. Try classic hoops or other curved styles.

Let us assist you in cutting and shaping your Human Hair Wig to enhance your natural beauty!


Dawn Harrison, owner of Invisible Hair Pieces, Extensions, and Human hair wigs.

Dawn has earned two U.S. Patents for inventing the “Invisible Hair Grafting”, which is a non-surgical method of attaching human hair pieces to women’s hair and skin.

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