Flatter Your Face Shape – Circle

Post Date: March 3rd, 2014

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Rounder in shape, circular shaped faces have all the right curves! Cut and color can help to elongate the face and make the the most of this great shape.

Try sun-kissed highlights to flatter circular faces: Ask your Invisible Hair consultant to add highlights above your forehead, and a darker shade at the cheeks and jawline.

Avoid chin-length styles, blunt bangs and middle parts—they’re too drastic and can add width. Go for softer styles with asymmetry: Side-swept bangs and a side part work beautifully, and so do chunky layers!

Adding height at the crown helps to create the illusion of length as well.

Choose open necklines to create the illusion of length. What should you avoid? Crew necks, which mimic the natural roundness of the face.

Earrings that are longer and leaner, such as thin chandelier styles, help to elongate the face.

Your Human Hair Wig can be colored and cut to beautifully accentuate your natural beauty, let us help you present the the most beautiful you!

Dawn Harrison, owner of Invisible Hair Pieces, Extensions, and Human hair wigs.

Dawn has earned two U.S. Patents for inventing the “Invisible Hair Grafting”, which is a non-surgical method of attaching human hair pieces to women’s hair and skin.

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