Choosing the Right Hair Wigs for Women

Post Date: May 30th, 2017

Choosing the Right Hair Wigs for women

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A wig is a covering for the head, made of synthetic hair, human hair, or animal hair. The word “wig” is short for periwig, and it was first seen around 1675. People generally wear wigs to disguise their baldness. They may be a less expensive and intrusive substitute of medical therapies for reinstating hair.

The difference between Synthetic Hair and Human Hair



Human Hair

Human hair wigs provide natural look and feel. This wig is very soft and offers shine and movement which is not easily replicated by synthetic hair. Human hair wigs are also very versatile. Human hair can be cut and styled in different types to suit a client’s tastes. Human hair wigs are quite an expensive option, however, if properly cared for, they are one of the longer lasting hair wig options. There are typically four types of human hair wigs- European/Caucasian, Indonesian, Indian, and Chinese. Asian hair wigs are the most popular choice for wigs. Asian hair wigs tend to have thicker denier, making hair extremely straight. Asian hair wigs are resistant to curls hence they are difficult to style. Indonesian hair wigs are also found in greater supply and are less expensive which makes it a popular choice for ethnic wig styles. While Indian hair is thinner as compared to European hair, it has a better texture. A European hair wig is known as a fine denier. But because of its limited marketplace; it is an expensive option.

The hair origin is not the only factor; the processing techniques are directly based on the quality and strength of the final product. The chemicals needed to sanitize and shred away the original color to create various curl, colors, and patterns, are very strong and can influence the veracity depending on the method that is used. When the quality of the chemical is higher, then there is an artful processing. The end result is a higher quality product, and thus it costs higher. It is important that you ensure the hydration and conditioning of the hair on a regular basis.


wigsSynthetic Hair

With the advancement of technology, synthetic hair has come a really long way. In certain cases, it is quite difficult to tell the difference between human hair and synthetic hair. In fact, there are some synthetic pieces, which are so high in quality that you would not be able to tell the difference. The most attractive thing about synthetic hair is that they can be worn right out of the box without the need of any styling. However, synthetic hair often lacks the versatility. It cannot be cut or styled in different ways like you can do in human hair wigs. There is only certain heat friendly synthetic hair that can be heated to change the curl pattern of the current wigs. However, it is to be noted that, even the most heat friendly hair can be difficult to change as synthetic fibers are typically more resistant to change.  



How to choose hair wigs for women?

If you have lost your hair, no matter because of whatever reason; you might be considering to buy an appropriate hair wig for yourself. While there is an array of options for human hair for women, deciding on a single one can be a bit confusing process. So to make the process easier for you, here are certain tips that will help you.
1.    Human hair wigs for women have the most bounce and swing and can also be easily washed and heat-styled just like natural hair. While they might be expensive, they last for several years.
2.    How you generally wear your hair? If you usually keep it all at the back, your human hair wigs for women should come with lace at the coronet that will give a natural-looking hairline.
3.    Do your research properly because there are a lot of options for hair wigs for hair. Make sure you choose a wig that matches the shape of your face.
4.    Once you decide on your wig, get a cut, even when you love the current style of the wig. Generally, human hair wigs for women have too much hair especially at the temple areas, which needed to be cut to fit your shape.
Hair wigs help in enhancing the confidence and grooming the personality of a woman. With Invisible Hair, we are dedicated to helping women with hair loss and allowing them to get their confidence back. We want to make sure no one has to suffer feeling different our like an outcast because of something out of their control. Contact us today to see how we can help!


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