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Q: Do you have thinning hair, baby fine hair or suffer from alopecia, balding or hair loss due to medical procedures?

woman hair lossStart living the life you were meant to live – with the hair you once had or desired….free from any embarrassment and with the self -confidence that you deserve. If you want real results, try the Invisible Hair™ difference. They have 2 US patents offering the most advanced, safe, and non-damaging, secure, and undetectable method of attachment (US Patent number’s #6561197, and #6688315). Their hair grafting procedures have been enhancing the quality of life and helping women with thinning hair for over 20 years.

Our Collection of Invisible Hair Loss Solutions have achieved something that no other studio can claim:

hair loss brushit has revolutionized women’s hair replacement; giving women back their dignity and confidence. We offer “the winning combination” of the absolute best quality hair on the planet, custom made hair alternatives, and the safest most comfortable and undetectable attachment method developed especially for women by women, offering the best hair grafting in San Diego. Our female hair loss solutions provide the most advanced safe and non-damaging methods of application, which involves no hair removal, heat, sewing, braiding, bumps, seams, clips, hooks, velcro, resin beads, or metal tubes.

Unlike Surgical transplants and chemical ointments hair grafting guarantees a cosmetically significant increase in hair thickness. Invisible Hair bridges the gap between hair extensions and typical wigs. They specialize in the needs of clients who are just beginning to thin as well as women experiencing noticeable hair loss.

Q: How long will Grafted Hair Additions Stay Attached?

Invisible Hair Additions can be worn attached to your scalp for 5-8 weeks at a time.

Q: Who is it for?hair loss brush

Women experiencing hair loss due to:

Hereditary Hair Loss, Alopecia, Trichotillimania, Surgery Scars, Radiation, and Chemotherapy.

Guaranteed Delivery of a Growing Hair Replica…

Our Growing Hair Replica is a thin layer of specially blended co-polymers, which are fused together utilizing unique proprietary compounds. The end result is a thin, translucent, flexible, hair growth hair growth natural “second skin” like surface. Our high quality human hair is then injected into the skin layer one hair at a time, for the most natural appearance possible, and the benefit of 100% pivotability from each strand of hair. The visual is that of real scalp with live hair growth. The result of this hair grafting procedure available in San Diego is truly a Growing Hair Replica

What Is Hair Grafting

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